'T'is the 'S'eason

The holiday season is in full swing, and here at Tabitha Simmons, we are knee deep in shoes holiday preparation. Decorations are going up, cards are being written and gift lists are being compiled. To get into the holiday spirit, we thought we would show you tidbits of our holiday preparation!

Here in New York City, where we are based, the best decorators in town are the department stores. They are known for their elaborate window displays with interesting themes that get bigger and better each year. This year, one of our favorite retailers, Bergdorf Goodman featured yours truly in their display. ‘Hermione’, our Mary Jane flat in navy velvet, was nestled front and center in the snowy display.

To spread the holiday cheer, we decided to create our own holiday card. Sometimes the best gift during the holiday season is a simple gesture like a handwritten card. Who doesn’t love to get a card in the mail? This year’s card features our favorite red shoes of the season like ‘Bailey’, ‘Helouise’, ‘Alexa’ and ‘Harmony’.

Have you made your holiday wish list yet? Despite being employed here, ours always includes a pair of Tabitha Simmons shoes. W Magazine felt the same way and featured the ‘Clara’ in our exclusive Peruvian print (more on that print soon!) in “The Red Hot Hippie Gift Guide.” You can add this to your wish list or even check it off by visiting our shop page to get a pair of your own.

And as much as we love to get gifts, we love to give gifts too. From flowers to chocolates to shoes, we love to play Santa. One of Tabitha’s favorite gifts to give is a customized assortment from Aedes de Ventustas. New York Magazine featured Tabitha’s gift du jour in their recent story on gift giving where Tabitha responded “These are my favorite holiday gifts, as they put a great deal of time into the product selection and overall presentation.” To top if off, each box is adorned with a fresh flower arrangement.

Another gift we like to give is candy but not just any candy–British candy. Tabitha loves to include her English heritage in everything we do from design to branding so gifting isn’t any different. So instead of Snickers and Milky Ways, her sweet tooth was satisfied with Cadbury, Aero Bars and Turkish Delights. We wanted to feature these sweets in customized gift baskets so we headed to London Candy Co. in the West Village to stock up. 

Hope you enjoyed the insights into our holiday. Happy decorating, writing, shopping and most importantly–Happy Holidays from the Tabitha Simmons Team!


The Giving Behind TOMS

Today’s the day for eating turkey, spending time with family and most importantly giving thanks. In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we would share more images of Tabitha’s giving trip to Honduras as part of her TOMS collaboration. TOMS is all about giving all year round as part of their ‘buy one, give one’ campaign so add one more thing to today’s list and support the mission!

Happy Thanksgiving!




The Tale of TabiTOMS

It all started with a turn down a slide in the middle of their offices. One memorable trip to the TOMS’s headquarters in California, and Tabitha Simmons knew she wanted to collaborate with Blake Mycoskie and his brand TOMS. To be honest, it really started with an encounter at a Footwear News Convention that lead to the trip down the slide. From there, the talented duo began the design process which lead to what we have today-a 10 piece collection.

The collection mixes Tabitha’s English preppy side with stripes and her quirky side with a customized “I love you” print (the print was inspired by love notes collaged together on instagram). It is the perfect blend of Tabitha’s design aesthetics with TOMS signature silhouettes. It even marks her debut into childrenswear, which was a dream for the mother of two.

But that’s not all. When Tabitha made the deal, she wanted to have the full experience. She wanted to take part in the opportunity to follow the TOMS mission of buy one, give one. This dedication to the project allowed her to go on a giving trip-a trip where TOMS employees visit third world countries supplying shoes to the school children. Tabitha’s trip took her to rural Honduras where she worked with a local charity to give every kid a pair of shoes so they could attend class and get an education. 

Honored and blessed to be apart of this charitable work, Tabitha has said this trip is one of her greatest achievements. It was even better than taking a turn down that slide!


Watch the video that explains it all here: 

Then do your part to be part of the mission and buy one here:





Inside the Shoe: From the Deep Blue Sea to Barneys

Inspiration can come from the oddest places or be right under your nose. For Tabitha Simmons’ Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, the designer drew inspiration from her business partner’s charity Blue Marine Foundation. A initiative that aims to increase the amount of protected ocean to 10% by 2020, Tabitha took the idea of the ocean and sea life and created a capsule of shoes. Go behind the process from inspiration to press to online shopping where these shoes are available one click away or right under your nose.

Spring/Summer 2013 Inspiration Board

Tabitha Simmons ‘Marina’ Shoe in Elaphe and Kid leather

Conde Nast Traveller - May 2013 Issue featuring the ‘Marina’ Shoe

Tabitha Simmons ‘Marina’ Shoe on Click to Shop! 


Behind the Scenes: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Presentation

Every brand remembers their first time participating in New York Fashion Week. For us, that was last Friday. As part of being a runner up in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund program, we were given the opportunity to showcase our latest collection at Milk Studios.

There might have been a snowstorm outside but inside the house was packed with editors, bloggers, celebrities, friends and family who all braved the storm to check out our presentation. What they saw was a simple, modern and beautiful set up full of our signature shoes like the Alexa and the Bailey alongside new shoes like Hallie and Heather. So far we have received rave reviews and with Team Tabitha (as seen in the last picture) on such a high from the event, we can’t wait until the next Fashion Week!


Behind the Scenes: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Boutique at Nordstrom Launch Party

Last night Tabitha Simmons was one of three designers featured at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund shopping event at Nordstrom’s Treasure & Bond store in Soho. Tabitha even merchandised the assortment and worked the floor selling her shoes!



Inside the Studio: Office Uniform

Today’s Office Memo: Wear your Early Boots.